Borsa Turism is


Romania … it is far, it’s dangerous, you’re not safe, … we can prove the opposite! Romania is as safe and unsafe as Belgium or the Netherlands, you will experience when you come here. There are, as throughout the world, poor people, but when you a small little tour through Romania has made you are wondering where all those luxury cars, beautiful villas and expensive mobile phones come.



Self encounter? To the beauty of the “original” Romania, especially Maramures, yet to see one must be fast, now the country has acceded to the EU. The four seasons are beautiful and interesting in northern Romania.



We can offer you the beauty of the region show, with the necessary information, the difference in culture, religion, customs, … Many drive to the “main” pass because they do not know, do not find … Flights with low cost airlines to a point 180 – 200 km from us, you can be picked up, continue doing the tour or rent a car (which we help) and through our itinerary throughout the trip himself followed with all the info on paper, the legends ….



Of course you can also just come by own car, bus, train, … We have over 50 different excursions, between 5 and 14 days, by bike, on foot, by car (bus), the motorcycle enthusiasts are not forgotten. Likewise, the excursions adapted to (certain) needs of the tourist.