For those using a GPS our coordinates are: N 47 ° 38 ‘ 50.4 ” E 24 ° 40 ‘ 09.4 “


You can approximately 200 km turn to the M35 which goes to Debrecen. Or follow Nyireghaza exit 267  Matezalska 49 Csenger – Csengersima (border with Romania)

If you take Debrecen, Nr. 33 becoming Nr. 4 and then turn left (in the city) 48 Vamospercs – Valei lui Mihai  the border • Satu Mare, Baia Mare direction, to Livada, – left DN 19 Negresti Oas • Sighetu Marmatiei, DN 18 Moisei-Borsa

OR  • Baia Mare DN 18  Sighetu Marmatiei, until Vadu Izei right direction SACEL DJ 186  Moisei, Borsa to the clinic in the center, see further signs spot.

In Romania you doing about 200 km. Once in Romania You can change money in exchange. Exchange Euro 25.00 to have something in case of later in a big city or in Borsa here, where I can help you. In every small town, you can cash out of the wall (pins for Dutch).

In Austria, bordering the “vignette” at the Shell station.

• You can pay with credit cards in Hungary, the autostradetaxe, also accept one is the euro in many places. The food is cheap. In Romania it is also the case. Here Toggles best in the banks or exchange. Exchange never people beside the road, they can fool you or a very low price giving, at the border is a low rate data, both in Hungary and Romania. For Austria the safety vest!

• In Austria there is camera control for speed and vignette, the penalties are quite harsh!! Stick them on the window as required. Hungary gives no more sticker, just a savings certificate.

• In Romania buy you a “rovinieta”, road tax, which you at larger petrol stations Petrom can buy. You keep the receipt in good, because it asks often at the border. Have a nice trip till Borsa!