Borsa Turism

Borsa Turism

Borsa Turism

Borsa Turism
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I’m Kris Verellen, in 1991 I went to Romania for the first time and I felt at home straight away.

Our House

Pension Borsa Turism has the ability to let you sleep in different ways. Addition to our campsite, there are two rooms with private bathroom and three wooden cabins with  bunk beds. The houses are two showers and two toilets fitted, also available for tents, caravans and motorhomes…


During walking (s) in Borsa can change the order on Wednesday the center (market day market with animals) to visit, the weather for the Pietrosul to climb. During the excursions in Maramures we visit a potter, a small museum, a loom, a wooden monastery, a wood sculptor, an old wooden church, a water mill, the “Merry Cemetery”…